Scotland Tour a Success for Area K

Area K concluded a successful Scottish tour at the end of November with several members attending.

In particular, member Roger Galvin drove a Pearlescent MB which had been parked up in his garage for the past 8 years. After replacing the battery, priming the fuel system and turning the key, Roger took the car to the testing centre and got the "ok" to take the MB up to the Highlands! As Area Organiser Mike Turner remarked, "says everything about these cars!"

The event was a huge success, and although bad weather meant the Skye boat ferry was cancelled, all the members enjoyed the chance to view some of the beautiful Highland countryside during the long drive over the bridge to the island.

No major repairs were required, and Organiser Mike Turner was delighted to return from 750 miles of hard driving with only one of his rear light bulbs blown out. All club members who attended the event were delighted to meet up with so many like-minded Quattro enthusiasts, and were looking forward to future "Scottish runs"!