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Membership Fee for 2020

Newsletter by e-mail: £50.00 (or Joint Member: £65.00).

Newsletter Printed & Posted*: £75.00 (or Joint Member*: £90.00).

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(Joint Members will receive 1 printed Newsletter per household)

Kindly note that the Club Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.

Please be assured your personal details provided on this Club Membership Application are retained and held in the strictest confidence by the quattro Owners Club and for the sole use of the Club and its records. At NO time, without your permission, will your personal/individual details be released or divulged to any third parties, organisation, manufacturers or the like.

IMPORTANT: some Classic Vehicle Policy insurers contact the qOC to verify owners and vehicle membership status, therefore it is crucial that the Application Form is duly completed.